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 About Us 

Freedom Service Agency Enterprise LLC

[Owned and operated by certified law enforcement.]


Why Choose Us?

With a diverse clientele, FSA provides impeccable services in a number of areas. From securing property to ensuring your environment is pristine, our number one priority is to give our customers a satisfying service because we VALUE what you VALUE. 

Established in 2007, we have been serving the Miss-Lou area for the past ten years. Based in Natchez Mississippi, the beautiful view of peaceful currents flowing down the river and the grand view of the horizon, we take pride in our community. That is why FSA Enterprise LLC find it a privilege to serve you so that our community can continue to thrive in peaceful conditions like the currents of the Mississippi River.

With FSA, we supply the best staff to fill positions needed for several service options. From security guard to janitorial services, let us help you to succeed. Our goal is to give quality service to companies in need of securing a facility or keeping your building in top notch shape with our janitorial service. In this day and age finding someone to entrust your company with can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Let us start today!​

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